Newton-Wellesley Physician Hospital Organization, Inc. (NWPHO)
(formerly NeWell Medical Delivery Organization), was formed in 1994
as a non-profit taxable organization with Newton-Wellesley Health
Care System, Inc. (formerly NeWell Health Care System) being its
sole corporate member. The purpose of the organization, as defined
by its Articles of Incorporation, was to enter into agreements with
managed care organizations on behalf of Newton-Wellesley Hospital (NWH),
physicians and other providers of care (“Participating Providers”)
and to function as a cohesive provider unit in the area served by
NWH. The Articles further stipulated that the
organization would engage in other activities which are necessary or
beneficial in the delivery of health care services under such managed care
arrangements including, but not limited to utilization review, quality
management, and other administrative services.; Lastly, the Articles defined
the organization’s purpose as providing management, administrative and other
practice support services to Participating Providers and other providers of

NWPHO superseded two physician established and
controlled corporations, NeWell Physicians Inc. and its subsidiary
corporation, Newton-Wellesley IPA, Inc. as the vehicle for facilitating the
alignment of Hospital and physician interests in the establishment of
managed care agreements.

A twelve member Board of Directors, consisting of four
Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), four Specialty Physicians and four persons
appointed by the Member (Newton-Wellesley Health Care System)  ensures that
the interests of the key constituencies of the organization are well
represented in the management and oversight of the Corporation.  Directors
serve a three-year term.

On February 1, 1999, NWPHO joined Partners Community
HealthCare, Inc. (PCHI) and became a Division of PCHI through the
establishment of the Newton-Wellesley Regional Service Organization (RSO).
NWPHO representatives serve on all the key PCHI Committees. This affiliation
with PCHI serves as vehicle for NWH’s independent physicians to participate
in the network wide contracting and care management initiatives of the
Partners HealthCare System (PHS).